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There are many opportunities to belong and grow in faith at Good Shepherd.

Small Groups

We encourage everyone in our community to join a Small Group! 

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1. What is a small group? 

GS Small Groups are made up of 10-18 people who meet on a regular basis to share, study, and support one another in our life with Jesus. Small groups encourage members to connect, grow, pray and serve.

2. Why join a small group?

Maybe the question should be...WHY NOT join a small group! Here are just a few benefits of joining a small group:

  •      You will make long-lasting connections and foster deeper friendships.
  •      You will gain a deeper understanding of the Bible as you discuss and apply God's word in             community.
  •      You will pray for others and have others praying for you.
  •      You will experience true belonging. You bring the real YOU to a small group, along with the gifts God has given you, and encounter others who are doing the same thing. 

3. When and where do small groups meet? 

GS Small Groups meet on and off campus, almost every day of the week, day & night, to accommodate a wide variety of schedules. 

4. Who leads small groups? 

Regular people who love Jesus, who have a passion to serve Him in this way and who attend annual training each year to keep their facilitation skills sharp!

5. How do I find a small group that works for me? 

We've found that groups do best when members share a lot in common with one another so we encourage you to look for a group that shares your life phase or your interests. Many of our groups fall into a Life Phase but we also have inter-generational groups. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call the church, and we will gladly assist you. 

6. What if I don't get along with the people in my group? 

Everyone wants to find someone like themselves. We have built in flexibility for you to join a group for a 5-8 week cycle at a time and test drive the group. If you decide to try a different group after that, no worries! We are adding new groups all the time.

7. What if they know more about the Bible than I do?

This is not a test! Event the most dedicated bible scholar has something to learn. We are all students of the Holy Spirit and we are all learning together.

8. What if I can't make every session? 

Nobody makes every session. We value accountability to one another at Good Shepherd so we commit to put you in a group that meets at a time that works best for you and you commit to coming as often as you can.

9. How much time will it take? 

Most groups meet for 1 1/2 hours once a week, some every other week. If there is a do-at-home study component, we try to keep it doable. It's part of who we are to commit to bringing our best thoughts every week, but we never stay home because we didn't finish the homework!

10. Is there childcare?

Some groups coordinate child care, others don't. Be sure to let us know so that we can put you in a group where childcare is an option.

    life phase groups

    Grow deeper in your faith through community, prayer and service with people who can relate to where you are in life.

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    Sandy long, equipping & discipleship director

    Sandy considers walking with Jesus the most fulfilling (and exciting!) life one can experience. She is passionate about discipleship and encouraging others in that same walk and is happiest hanging out over coffee, discussing faith, theology and life with Christ. 

    Sandy Long was raised in Reedley, CA and lived there until she went off to Berkeley for her undergrad degree. In 2007, she completed a Masters degree in Theology, with an emphasis in Biblical Studies from Fuller Seminary.  After raising her daughters, Sandy returned to ministry and nonprofit management. She began with small groups and assimilation, and over the last ten years she has worked with and led various nonprofit ministries. 


    Sandy has been married to Chris for 30 years and they have two grown daughters, Elisabeth and Susannah. She loves to read and has almost as many books as Chris has vinyl records. Together, they enjoy having friends and family over to talk about life, books and listen to music.

    Email Sandy at