kristen Ljung

Preschool director

Kristen enjoys working with families and watching little ones grow and prepare for their elementary school careers. She has been actively involved in early childhood education since 2009, and worked her way from being a teacher to a Director for one of the largest corporate preschools in the region. Prior to starting with Good Shepherd Preschool, she was leading a Co-Op Preschool with other families.

Teaching has always been her passion. She holds a Bachelor of Art's degree in Liberal Studies from California State University, Chico. Her goal is to create a positive environment for children to grow, and excite them to learn. While teaching in both elementary and preschool classrooms, she enjoyed challenging children with curriculum, and finding fun in education.  

She felt the call to serve our community, and that call brought her here. She hopes to support and grow our preschool for our littlest learners. She truly enjoys working in early childhood education!